Quick Answer: What is the tropic hormone from the anterior pituitary that stimulates the adrenal cortex?

ACTH is a polypeptide tropic hormone which is produced and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland (Fig. 1.2) and it stimulates the secretion of glucocorticoid steroid hormones from adrenal cortex cells, especially in the zona fasciculata of the adrenal glands. It is the key regulator of cortisol production.

What are the tropic hormones produced by the anterior pituitary gland?

Tropic hormones from the anterior pituitary include: Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH or thyrotropin) – stimulates the thyroid gland to make and release thyroid hormone. Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH or corticotropin) – stimulates the adrenal cortex to release glucocorticoids.

Which hormone stimulates the adrenal cortex?

The hypothalamus produces corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) that stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete adrenocorticotropin hormone (ACTH). ACTH then stimulates the adrenal glands to make and release cortisol hormones into the blood.

Which hormone is a tropic hormone?

tropic hormone (trophic hormone)

any of a class of hormones from the anterior pituitary gland that affect the secretion of other endocrine glands. The tropic hormones include thyroid-stimulating hormone, corticotropin, follicle-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone.

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Which anterior pituitary gland hormone stimulates the adrenal gland?

The anterior pituitary gland produces the following hormones and releases them into the bloodstream: adrenocorticotropic hormone, which stimulates the adrenal glands to secrete steroid hormones, principally cortisol.

What is the target organ of pituitary gland?

Endocrine gland/ source of hormone Hormone Target organ or tissue
Hypothalamus Numerous releasing factors Pituitary gland
Anterior pituitary (adenohypophysis) ACTH (adrenocorticotrophic hormone) Adrenal cortex
FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) Ovaries / testes (tubules)
LH (luteinizing hormone) Ovaries / testes (Leydig cells)

What are the 7 hormones of the anterior pituitary gland?

The anterior pituitary gland secretes 7 hormones: follicle -stimulating hormone, luteinizing horomone, adrenocorticotropic horomone, thyroid -stimulating horomone, prolactin, endorphins, and growth hormone.

What does adrenal cortex secrete?

The adrenal gland secretes steroid hormones such as cortisol and aldosterone. It also makes precursors that can be converted to sex steroids (androgen, estrogen). A different part of the adrenal gland makes adrenaline (epinephrine).

What do all adrenal cortex hormones have in common?

They are all steroidal hormones. What do all adrenal cortex hormones have in common? Contain liver, muscle, bone, cartilage; thyroid gland; adrenal cortex; ovaries and testes; and breast secretory tissue.

Which hormone dramatically affects physical appearance?

Answer. Thyroxine is the hormone that affects our physical appearance.

What organs are affected by tropic hormones?

Tropic (or Pseudo-Tropic) Hormone(s) All are Peptides Target Organ
ACTH (adrenal cortex tropic H.) or adrenocorticotropin Adrenal Cortex
Gonadotropins — LH (Luteinizing H.) and FSH (follicle stimulating H.)# Gonads
TSH (thyroid stimulating H.) or Thyrotropin Thyroid
GH (Growth H.) = somatotropin Liver (& others)
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Which is not a tropic hormone?

Non-tropic hormones are hormones that directly stimulate target cells to induce effects. For example, aldosterone acts directly on the kidney to promote reabsorption of sodium, which causes an increase in blood pressure.

Is MSH a tropic hormone?

vertebrates produce essentially the same tropic hormones: thyrotropin (TSH), corticotropin (ACTH), melanotropin (MSH), prolactin (PRL), growth hormone (GH), and one or two gonadotropins (usually FSH-like and LH-like hormones).

What happens when your pituitary gland stops working?

For example, if the pituitary gland does not produce enough growth hormone in a child, they may have a permanently short stature. If it doesn’t produce enough follicle-stimulating hormone or luteinizing hormone, it might cause problems with sexual function, menstruation, and fertility.

How can I strengthen my pituitary gland?

Tips for pituitary gland health

  1. eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which are great sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
  2. choosing good sources of fats, such as those that contain omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.
  3. opting for whole grains over refined grains.
  4. reducing sodium intake.


What are the symptoms of a malfunctioning pituitary gland?

What are pituitary symptoms?

  • Headaches.
  • Vision problems.
  • Unexplained weight gain.
  • Loss of libido.
  • Feeling dizzy and nauseous.
  • Pale complexion.
  • Muscle wasting.
  • Coarsening of facial features.
Lots of iodine