Does the VA cover hormone therapy?

This is VA policy on the transgender care offered in VA facilities. … This policy includes medically necessary care, such as hormone therapy, mental health care, preoperative evaluation, and post-operative and long-term care following gender confirming surgery.

Does the VA cover hormone replacement therapy?

All other medically necessary health care for transgender veterans is covered, including care typically considered “sex specific,” such as mammograms and Pap smears, as well as transition-related care such as hormone replacement therapy, medically necessary prosthetics (such as binders and dilators), voice coaching, …

What insurance covers hormone therapy?

Medicare covers medically necessary hormone therapy.

All Medicare beneficiaries have a right to access prescription drugs that are appropriate to their medical needs.

Does the VA cover laser hair removal?

VA provides pre-operative and long term post-operative care for gender affirming surgeries. … Some VA facilities have the equipment to perform laser hair removal and/or electrolysis, while others will need to access community care when this procedure is medically indicated.

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What does the VA health care cover?

What basic health care services does VA cover? We cover preventive care services, like: Health exams (including gender-specific exams) Health education (including nutrition education)

Can PTSD cause low testosterone?

The research shows that PTSD can cause significant harmful reductions in circulating testosterone. The inverse is also true: men with low testosterone are more vulnerable to PTSD.

Is Low Testosterone a VA disability?

Low testosterone constitutes a laboratory finding and is not a disease or disability under VA law and regulations. Service connection for low testosterone is not warranted.

How much do testosterone shots cost FTM?

For transgender men’s hormone therapies, testosterone injections typically cost $80 monthly (but may vary based on state supply regulations), testosterone patches more than $300 monthly, and testosterone gels between $300 to $350 monthly.

How much does testosterone shots cost?

According to, the cost of 1 mL (200 mg/mL) of Depo-Testosterone is about $30. The same amount of testosterone cypionate, the generic version of that drug, runs about $12–$26. The Depo-Testosterone label states that shots should be given every two to four weeks.

Is gender reassignment surgery medically necessary?

Gender reassignment surgery is considered medically necessary if the medical appropriateness criteria are met. (See Medical Appropriateness below.) Other procedures, including but not limited to the following, are considered cosmetic when performed in conjunction with gender reassignment surgery: abdominoplasty.

Does the VA do testosterone therapy?

The most commonly used formulations are testosterone injection and gel. 10 VA Pharmacy Benefits Management Services, Testosterone Use FY 2011 through July 2014. When medically indicated, testosterone products are beneficial as a hormone replacement therapy in men who are diagnosed with hypogonadism.

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Does the VA pay for electrolysis?

Will VA provide or pay for electrolysis for transgender Veterans? No. VA will not provide electrolysis for gender affirming purposes at this time.

Does military insurance cover laser hair removal?

TRICARE doesn’t cover hair removal (including laser hair removal).

What are the problems with the VA?

While the VA is rooted in noble intentions, it has been plagued with problems for years. The VA has faced reports of excessive and contradictory spending, allegations of inadequate health care, a massive backlog of benefits claims and a top leadership position that nobody can seem to hold down.

Who qualifies for free VA health care?

A person who served in the active military, naval, or air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable may qualify for VA health care benefits including qualifying Reserve and National Guard members.

Is the VA free for all veterans?

Veterans may apply for VA health care enrollment at any time. No enrollment fee, monthly premiums, or deductibles. Most Veterans have no out-of-pocket costs.

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